Meet the Fundraising Officer 2018/19

I’m Joao, a 2nd year Biological Natural Scientist and the Fundraising Officer for CDI this year. I got stuck in with the development work at CDI after doing access work for my college where I learnt to question the different opportunities offered to students of various backgrounds. CDI allows you to explore this on a wider spectrum by engaging the Dar es Salaam community in a collaborative way, assisting them in creating their own opportunities from day-to-day hygiene improvements to entrepreneurship lessons.

Being Fundraising Officer allows a better understanding of the financial side of an NGO and how funds are raised to support the summer projects. Writing and checking grants, approaching colleges and other entities to solicit funding and coordinating informal fundraising events are all part of the role and provide experience in various fields including event management and organisation. Being part of the CDI Executive Committee is a fantastic way to develop all these skills for anyone interested in the development area all whilst helping to mould life changing projects.

As well as the aforementioned forms of fundraising, we rely on donations from our fellow students and other supporters to help keep our projects going! All donations go a long way to ensuring that we can continue our ongoing work! To get involved with our fundraising, visit our JustGiving page!

By Joao Lanca Coelho, Fundraising Officer 2018/19
Joao is a second-year student studying Biological Natural Sciences at Jesus College.

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