Director’s note for the summer: 2019

In a few days, the Cambridge Development Initiative’s volunteers will be going out to Dar es Salaam to begin 8 weeks of project implementation alongside their KITE Dar es Salaam (KITE DSM) counterparts. Nine months of hard work, preparation and dedication have gone into this summer! As CDI Director, I have the pleasure of overseeing it all. We are of course grateful to the incredible support that we have received in the way of donations, guidance and advice leading up to this trip. I can genuinely say that it all goes a long way in delivering impactful projects for the communities with whom we work. There is of course a lot of work still to be done in the next few weeks as our WaSH, Education, Entrepreneurship and Health Projects prepare for the implementation phase. We will be working hard to ensure that the work we do creates sustainable change and empowers local changemakers and that any lessons that can be learned are used to improve on future projects.

Thank you to everyone who has supported CDI and KITE DSM on the journey so far and we are excited to see where the summer will take us. We will keep you up to date with the progress of our projects throughout the summer.

By Botho Bahumi Motlhanka, Director 2018/19
Bahumi is a fourth-year student studying Chemical Engineering at Downing College.

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