The COVID pivot: Education

In this post, Education Project Director Nikita Jha tells us about the adaptations she and the Education Project volunteer team have made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDI Education Project for 2020 was originally centred around three projects, two new ideas and a third building on a project from 2019–KomputHER. However the project has now been pivoted to take a more feasible, relevant and sustainable approach by shifting operations online. In doing that, it’ll be centred on two areas.

First, it will maintain the focus on KomputHER but will be geared towards digitising the content in the form of an app. The aim will be to lay the logistical foundations for this project by ideating on implementation, developing the content, building partnerships and securing the funding that will ease operations for future teams.

The second project strand is an awareness building campaign to increase parental engagement in children’s education, proposed in light of prolonged school closures during the spread of COVID-19. The primary medium for this campaign will be radio, which has a wide and diverse audience in Tanzania. The target for this project strand will be to conduct preliminary research on the current level of parental engagement with children’s education, and use the research results to design the campaign content.

Nikita and her team of volunteers have continued to work remotely with diligent application throughout the summer, and have laid an excellent foundation for the incoming Education Project co-directors and volunteers.

By Nikita Jha Education Project Director 2019/20

Nikita is a Postgraduate student at Newnham College.

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