Dream Sharing Event

Saturday 9th September 2017

The Dream Sharing Event was the culminating celebration of the Think Big Challenge, the Education Team’s student competition. It is a sum of multiple parts, comprising an awards ceremony and motivational networking event. The winners of the Think Big Challenge received accolades and prizes, and all participating students were given a certificate to memorialise their hard work. A series of speakers from a variety of spheres, including students themselves, gave speeches aimed at celebrating, motivating and inspiring those who participated in the challenge. There was a panel discussion entitled “Where Dreams Diverge”; this theme focused on the commonplace disparity between career expectations on young people from parents/schools and their true career dreams. Different professions and a variety of stakeholders were present to discuss diverse career potentialities with the students.  In this way, students were able to liaise with industries which they hope to enter, or given inspiration and practical awareness of the variety of career choices open to them, given the drive, creativity, and initiative demonstrated and fostered throughout the cycle of Career Network Support (CNS).

More information about the event can be found here.



Tengeneza Tanzania Together

9th September 2017

The Tengeneza Tanzania Together Conference is the culmination of the Entrepreneurship Project’s DAREnterprisers course. It challenges the participants of the eight-week programme to pitch their business ideas to a panel of expert judges. Schemes included everything from recycling services to fitness apps, from public toilets to paper bags. Winners were awarded incubation, prize money and mentorship, and all 17 businesses were incredibly professional and innovative in their ideas, doing the entirety of CDI very proud. The conference also marked the handover of the course to DOT (Digital Opportunity Trust) Tanzania, and we look forward to continuing our work with them as our new partners over the coming year.


Launch of Kite Dar es Salaam

Saturday 9th September 2017

CDI has blossomed over the last four years and as a result, our Tanzanian counterparts have been officially registered as an independent NGO called Kite Dar es Salaam. The launch was an opportunity to celebrate the partnership between our two organisations, and marked the start of a fruitful relationship as our projects continue to grow and prosper.

More information can be found on our facebook event.



Siku Ya Afya

7th September 2017

CDI’s WaSH and Health Projects held a celebratory event, entitled ‘Siku Ya Afya’ (Day of Health), in order to unveil the new latrine network CDI has built this summer and to promote hygiene awareness amongst the community in Vingunguti. There were speeches from the Regional Water Engineer, DAWASA, Bridge for Change, prominent community members and CDI’s Tanzanian Director. In addition, all attendees enjoyed tours of the simplified sewerage network and biogas system, various health adulation stalls, musical entertainment and food. Both projects greatly enjoyed welcoming the community, media outlets and partner NGOs to the event, marking all the work that CDI has achieved over the last nine weeks.


4th International FSM Conference

20th February 2017
SOWTech, a partner with our WaSH project, attended the 4th International Faecal Sludge Management Conference in order to give a 15 minute presentation on ‘SimpliSafi’ – an ambitious plan to scale the WaSH project by using income from the flexigester biogas sales to incentivise people to invest in simplified sewerage. The conference was held in Chennai, India, and was attended by organisations working in sanitation from around the world. More information about the conference can be found here.

African Healthcare Challenge 2017

8th February 2017


This was a weekend organized by the Kopfadeyemi Fellowship, held at the Google Campus. Our WaSH and Health Project Directors attended, and formed a team with other students from a variety of technical and scientific backgrounds, taking up the challenge of tackling the issue of non-communicable diseases in Africa. By the end of the conference, they proposed a solution of a mobile health system that empowers community health workers to tackle NCDs, aiming to initially set it up to combat diabetes in Tanzania and Kenya. It was a fantastic weekend for all involved, and our Project Directors particularly enjoyed being able to meet other students and discuss a variety of ideas and solutions as part of a wider team.

CDI’s 2017 Recruitment Launch

12th January 2017

To launch the application process for the 2017 summer trip, the UK committee held an evening in the Riley Auditorium of Clare College. The evening consisted of a series of short presentations on our four projects and the plan for their progression in the coming year, as well as information about what the volunteer roles and application process would involve. This was followed by a chance to chat with past volunteers about their experience over a glass of wine, and it was wonderful to meet so many students passionate about development. ​


Stakeholders Event at the House of Lords​

17th March 2016

In March 2016 CDI held an event in Committee Room 4 at the House of Lords, London. The invitation to use the room was extended to us by Lord David Alton (CDI Patron) at the annual meeting of CDI’s outgoing and incoming Presidents with the Patron in October. The event was well attended by about 50 guests, ranging from 2015 CDI committee members, CDI trustees, key stakeholders, and many invitations reaching out to new guests.

Lord Alton opened the event, explaining the work of CDI and how the drive and passion of students in international development needs to be encouraged. Matt Hopgood delivered a speech explaining CDI’s model with the theme ‘What role do students have to play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’. The keynote speech was delivered by William Day, Chairman of Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor.


The event closed with a networking session lasting around 45 minutes. Notable guests at the event were:

  • Sir Paul Judge – Founder of the Judge Business School
  • Baroness Newnham – Robinson College fellow and member of the House of Lords
  • Sir Eldryd Perry (OBE) – Founder of the Tropical Health and Education Trust
  • Stacey Adams – CEO of Raleigh International
  • Rebecca Marmot – Unilever VP Global Partnerships
  • Alexander Woollcombe – Gates Foundation
  • Peter Ward – Sponsorship Manager, Sainsburies
  • Toby Wilkinson – Director of the International Strategy Office
  • Anne-Cecile Berthier – Head of Corporate Partnerships, Comic Relief
  • Lewis Temple – BRAC UK
  • Rebecca Tinsley – Philanthropist
  • David Potter – Philanthropist, David and Elaine Potter Foundation

Dinner with Ban Ki-moon

5th February 2016

Ex-Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon was invited to Cambridge to receive an honorary degree for his services to the UN, and spoke about the importance of Cambridge University encouraging its students to be globally-minded citizens. CDI’s 2015/16 UK Director, Matt Hopgood, was selected to be part of a small group of students invited to attend the ceremony and a dinner following it. Representing student action in international development, Matt met many other UN representatives and Cambridge University officials, including the Vice-Chancellor – an exciting opportunity which showed how quickly CDI had grown in two years. ​